What We Do

At VOBA Solutions we develop custom healthcare centric solutions based on customers’ specifications and end goals, with special emphasis on applications that improve workflows and system efficiencies. To accomplish that, we employ a number of assets:

  • Strong healthcare industry knowledge and experience that helps us analyze customers’ individual needs and develop solutions that meet them.
  • Extensive technical skills, including expertise in a number of technologies, including VB.NET, ASP.NET, javascript, Java, GWT, SQL, and InterSystems Cache
  • A track record of success with large- and small-scale customers
  • A small, agile company size that has allowed for successful operation for more than a decade.

Project Examples

Increased Efficiency, Faster Payments

A prominent Northeastern teaching and research hospital approached VOBA Solutions with a problem: billing for an intervention often required multiple coders from multiple departments to each separately access and code the case. Making matters worse was that those coders had no way of knowing when a case was ready for coding, they had to manually enter the system and check on a case’s status. This redundant work dramatically added to the cost and time required to receive payment.

After analyzing the situation, VOBA Solutions developed a custom application that integrated the hospital’s information system and improved its workflow. Upon successful installation, one coder was able to code for all the departments involved in the intervention, and cases were pushed to the coder when they were ready to be coded.

The application developed by VOBA Solutions made the billing process faster and less expensive, a result that any healthcare organization would desire.

Integrating Research and Clinical Data

A leading patient-reported outcomes provider was looking to do something that no off-the-shelf IT product could do: integrate medical research data with clinical practice in a way that benefited both disciplines and didn’t require extra manpower. And to make the challenge even tougher, it had to be delivered via SaaS.

Before VOBA Solutions could make data sharable across the two disciplines, it had to develop a survey infrastructure that collected it first. The second challenge met by VOBA Solutions was developing a survey architecture that queued only surveys that were relevant for each patients’ individual treatments. The final pieces of the puzzle were creating detailed reports that clinicians found informative, accessible and easy to use.

The result? A highly sophisticated level of diagnostic information that helps providers treat not only the patients in their examination rooms, but also contributes to medical advances that benefit the public at large.

  • Improve Workflows and Efficiencies

    While we are often called upon to tackle a variety of issues, the majority of our customers come to us with workflow and efficiency problems that can’t be solved by off-the-shelf IT products. Their needs are custom and so are our solutions.

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